Webinar: Plastics and Rubber – Myths, Misconceptions and FAQs


Plastics and Rubber – Myths, Misconceptions and FAQs

This webinar seeks to breakdown myths and misconceptions of plastics and rubber materials as well as go over frequently asked questions, to empower you as the customer to understand these materials better, reduce failures and ultimately optimize your production.

Many people think plastics can only perform as well as plastic lawn chairs or that the only rubber material is similar to tires but that is most definitely NOT the case! There are literally thousands of different varieties of plastics and hundreds of types of rubber.

fact-mythPerformance Plastics and Rubber can be tougher than steel and last years longer than metals in extreme applications – abrasion, impact, high-loads, hot and cold temperatures are no match for performance plastics and rubber.

Because these materials are not consumer products that are part of our everyday lives, industrial plastics and rubber get confused with stereotypes of lower grade materials and are often approached with biases that can cause complications, failures or for them to be dismissed all together as material solutions.

Learn where plastics and rubber materials work and where they don’t. Not all plastics are created equal and many metals fail where plastics and rubber materials prevail!


Who Will Benefit from Viewing this Webinar?

  • Engineers
  • Machinists
  • DIY hobbyists
  • OEM designers
  • Those specifying materials for an application
  • Individuals who have experienced premature failure with a plastic or rubber application
  • Anyone who wants to better understand industrial plastics and rubber!




Matt BlomMatt Blom is Redwood Plastics and Rubbers Development Manager. Matt has close to a decade of experience in plastic, rubber, sales, marketing and corporate training. He has completed several levels of industry specific training and was a member of the inaugural class of the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) University Honor Society. He has a passion leading Redwoods customers to the best solution for their application and training sales staff to do the same.

Matt is based in Redwoods Langley, BC facility and can be reached at 604.607.6015 or via email at mblom@RedwoodPlastics.com