Plastic Lumber: When Is It Right For Your Application?

Plastic lumber is a product that while not advertised on our website is something we can supply on a special order basis. There are many stereotypes of plastic products and plastic lumber is no exception. Yet, with the right understanding of the product and in the correct application, it is a fantastic solution and material to build from the offers significant advantages over wood or metals. So when is it right and when should you consider other options?

Plastic lumber is best utilized by customers looking for a low maintenance, long-last building material. The product is not susceptible to rot, rust, mold, or insect attack and will last much longer than wood or metal while requiring much less maintenance. Plastic lumber will have a much lower life-cycle cost than other materials.

The most common error customers make with plastic lumber is expecting it to be inexpensive. An “It’s just plastic” mentality can lead people to believe the product is less expensive than metal or wood providing a cheap recycled option in comparison. This is not accurate, due to the relatively small scale manufacturing of the product and the efforts that need to go into sourcing and cleaning the base plastic to recycle as well as the manufacturing process. That’s where customers run into disappointment the most: having unachievable expectations on the price of plastic lumber. This is most often members of the public looking for small amounts for home projects; however, other firms such as pallet manufacturers also run into this misconception about price when considering the product.

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