Reduce Street Curb and Transit Curb Damage

The Redco CURB COVER is a virtually unbreakable bumper system that eliminates damage to concrete curbs and bus tires at transit stations. Redco CURB COVER permits buses to pull up to the curb safely and puts an end to concrete spalling and tire and wheel damage, significantly reducing maintenance costs.


  • redco-bus-curb-protectionUV Stabilized
    Will not degrade in the sun
  • Exceptional Impact Resistance
    Reduces damage to bus wheels and tires
  • High Visibility
    Supplied in hi-viz yellow
  • Slick Surface
    Low co-efficient of friction


The Redco CURB COVER synthetic material has a very low co-efficient of friction while also having excellent impact strength. The tires will simply deflect and glide smoothly along the curb face. Different profiles and configurations are available for easy installation. Custom UV stabilized colors are available on request.

NOTE: The Redco Curb Cover is not a standardized “one size fit all” product. We are offering our manufacturing services to produce designs in hand done by engineers; however, we can work with a 3rd party designer if you are a transit authority and require both the product and the design.

Stop painting, replacing and repaving ? switch to Redco CURB COVER.
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