Redco SPS 2000

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SPS-2000 is a Kraftmill PULP SAFE, filled polyurethane wear material that was specially developed for sawmills and planer mills that are supplying fiber to kraft pulp mills. Redco SPS-2000 completely dissolves in the kraft cooking process with no possibility of pulp fiber contamination. It also possesses good wear characteristics, a low coefficient of friction, high dimensional stability, abrasion resistance, load and impact strength and is unaffected by most oils, greases and solvents.

FEATURES: Increased Dimensional Stability, Abrasion Resistant, Impact Resistance, Oil & Solvent Resistant

Durometer Hardness: 75D, 90R
Standard Color: Grey


Wear strips, channel, liners, chip and sawdust bin liners, flights, etc.


Redco™ SPS 2000 Wear Parts