Redco 430

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Our most commonly used material, ideal for environments where high abrasion resistance is the primary concern. Redco™ 430 (90A) also offers superior impingement resistance.

FEATURES: Weather Resistant, Cut & Tear Resistant, Impact Resistant, Elasticity

Durometer Hardness: 43D, 90A
Standard Color: Yellow


Shock and vibration pads, roll covers, springs, cylinder cushions, carriage bumpers, cable sheave liners, deflector plates, impact wear liners, belt scrapers, seals, couplings, washers, cones, impellers, liner plates, pump liners, valve gates, stabilizers, desilter cones, cleaner cones, wear slides, etc.


Redco™ 430 Molded Impeller & Forklift Guards

430-Impeller forklift-guards-430-bonded-steel