Acetal & PET

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Redco™ Acetal & Redco™ PET brings together the benefits of strength, stiffness, low coefficient of friction, and dimensional stability providing a versatile and easily machinable material that exceeds the life of many parts that are traditionally metal.

Redco™ PET is a popular within the food and beverage industry. PET is preferred in applications because of its strength, thermo-stability and transparency. It also withstands environments with a constant temperature of up to 230°F and is not affected by frequent chlorine wash downs.

Redco™ Acetal is suited for a variety of industries and applications. It acts as an electrical insulator, is FDA Approved for food applications and is an excellent material for use in applications requiring close-tolerances. Acetal withstands environments with a constant temperature up to 180°F.

Redco™ Sustarin® C XDT is available as a food grade acetal that is X-Ray visible for food processing purposes.

Custom colors and sizes are also available upon request.

Advantages of use of Acetal:

  • Resistant to Chemicals
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Resistant to Hydrolysis by Base

**Redwood Plastics and Rubber does not build/supply fish tanks or aquariums. We can supply cut-to-size pieces of acrylic.**


Redco™Acetal & PET Machined Parts

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