Webinar Recording: An Introduction to Plastic Bearings

Why Plastics are Better than Metal

bearings-bushings-nylonDuring the live webinar we explored the benefits of using plastic bearings over metal bearings and reviewed specific considerations to ensure the correct plastic material is chosen for a variety of applications.

Self-Lubricated Polymer Bearings vs. Conventional Metal Bearings

  • Plastic bearings require less maintenance thus lower cost of ownership.
  • Plastic bearings require no grease.
  • Plastic bearings are more sanitary.
  • Plastic bearings offer greater flexibility in design.
  • Plastic bearings are often quieter.
  • Plastic bearings are resistant to corrosion.

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Kevin-SmithKevin Smith has worked in the plastics industry for 15+ years and has served a variety of industries including: food & beverage, agriculture, heavy equipment, military, and marine. Kevin specializes in bearing applications and is also knowledgeable in hard-to-bond applications. His background prior to plastics is industrial pumping systems, high-vacuum applications & equipment, and machining.

Kevin is based in Redwoods Woodland, WA facility and can be reached at 360.846.5202 (Mobile / Text) or via email at KSmith@RedwoodPlastics.com