Since 1971 Redwood Plastics and Rubber has worked directly with customers to find solutions for a variety of problems including shock, abrasion, noise, wear & friction. Redwood Plastics and Rubber molds, machines, fabricates, and distributes a wide-range of high quality, custom components.

Redwood Plastics and Rubber’s mission is to support long-standing relationships through ethical and respectful interaction with their customers and suppliers. Redwood Plastics and Rubber employees are proud of these relationships and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

With our technical expertise and experience, we will continue to bring new, innovative developments and products to numerous industries and communities.



Redwood Plastics and Rubber is committed to fulfilling our role as member of every community we operate and service.




There are many important reasons for replacing traditional materials with plastic:

  • Cost effective alternative to traditional materials, such as metal, wood, rubber
  • Less wear – Reduce & eliminate wear on mating surfaces
  • Higher performance – Plastics have outperformed other materials as much as 2 to 20 times. Lower coefficient of friction, reduced noise, reduced wear on mating surfaces, reduced electrical consumption, and steady bulk material flow
  • Less abrasion – Material formulated to handle various types of abrasion
  • Lower lubrication & maintenance – Can be eliminated or significantly reduced
  • Reduced impact & vibration – Eliminate structural damage due to shock, vibration, and impact
  • Corrosion resistant – Unaffected by most corrosive environments
  • Improved safety. Reduced injuries & claims – Lighter than metals, easier to move around and handle
  • Lighter weight – Easier handling and installation, and reduced shipping costs
  • Lower material costs, reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced noise – Reduce/eliminate noise concerns
  • Aesthetics – Modern-looking shapes & colors


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